Friday, December 13, 2013

Venue for Article

I kept looking at my article and thinking that it wouldn't be as useful on a gaming blog. This article would fit better into a business journal.

I also looked at other business journal articles and realized that they have experts to write their articles. I figured I might have a better shot if I tried for something local. Perhaps on the local level gamification isn't being addressed as fully. I called both the Utah Business Journal and Utah Valley Business Q and asked if they accept guest articles. They gave me email addresses and directions and I submitted the idea and the first couple of paragraphs to these venues. (I rewrote the first couple of paragraphs to be more cohesive and less formal.) Although my article is still very much in the scholastic journal form I was taught in Eng 295, perhaps they'll work with me!

Thank you +Greg Bayles for your feedback! I realized In my third paragraph I was arguing both for and against gamification at the same time.

If the business journals aren't interested, I might try to send it to First Person Scholar, a venue working with +Paul Bills, because a new journal building credibility is a great opportunity for new writers.

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